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"Learning to the Highest Degree"

Get an absolutely free consultation on your degree status today. UCSS accepts transfer credits from secular colleges, Christian colleges and will assess your life experience. For your free consultation, call UCSS at 907-696-6062 (toll free 888-383-9464) or email a detailed description of your educational background to Get your consultation today. Most people are closer to a degree than they realize; find out today.

Save Time, Save Money, Get Your Degree

UCSS accepts life experience and transfer credits so you're closer to a degree than you think.  UCSS offers one of the most affordable degree programs available.  Call UCSS for a free catalog or over the phone analysis of your degree status.

Counseling Credentials

The Agency for Excellence in Christian Counseling offers credentials at every level.  From candidate status to Doctoral Therapist, the Agency offers supportive, not intrusive programs.  For more information on the The Agency click on the link below.

Teacher & Institutional Certification

UCSS offers teacher certification for all levels through the Better Education Membership of America (BEMA).  Certification indicates accountability, process and reliability.  Write to or e-mail UCSS for more information on BEMA.

PDF Downloads
UCSS Application
Life Experience Form
Scholarship Application
BEMA Accreditation Application
Ministerial Licensure & Ordination Application

UCSS applications for enrollment may be obtained at any of these fine cooperating educational ministries. Applicants may request that courses taught at these church based ministries be recognized for credit through UCSS. All diplomas and degrees are issued from the UCSS office.

Cooperating Ministries

Divine Grace Church
P.O. Box 72824 Zambia
Ministerial Chancellor: Rev. Charles Ingwe

Highway Tabernacle Ministries
2715 W. 7th Ave.
Kennewick, Wa 99336 
Ministerial Chancellor: Rev. Terry Wetmore

Iberian Ministries
c/o San Sebastian de la Gomera
14 Bl. 1 Piso 2-B 18014 Granada Granda, Spain 
Ministerial Chancellor: Rev. Wade Weaver

Zion Word Theological Inst.
28 Garden Lane
Anderson, Mo 64831 
Senior Ministerial
UCSS Chancellor: Dr. R. L. Davis

Organizational Affiliations

Agency for Excellence in Christian Counseling

Association of Independent Christian
Colleges & Seminaries

Better Education Membership of America

Full Gospel Evangelistic Association

Source of Light Ministries Inc.

Until That Day Ministries International

For information on the designations and processes
of accreditation, call the main offices of:
the University of Christian Studies and Seminary


University of Christian Studies & Seminary and
The Agency For Excellence In Christian Counseling
P.O. Box 770454 (10440 Frontage Rd.) Eagle River, Alaska 99577 Main Phone: 907-696-6062 Fax: 907-696-6082
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