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University of Christian Studies & Seminary

Thank you for considering the University of Christian Studies and Seminary as the venue for continuing and completing your education.

As it always has been, the future of Christianity is directly linked to its ability to properly expound the Word of God. Yet it must be stated that education is not an end to itself. Education merely prompts a good question in the mind of the learner, while it is instruction that offers the answer. This may seem like a fine distinction but UCSS is convinced that anything short of God’s Word in the educational arena only leaves one with questions. It is true that the Bible will prompt questions, but it also provides the answers.

By engaging in an educational program with UCSS the student will be prepared to properly derive the precepts of God’s Plan from God’s Word. This preparation will be an exhortation to seek the depths of the Scriptures, and in that process, the student will come to understand that the deepest meanings of God’s Word are discovered when one does that which is learned. Finally, such light is meant to be shared with others, which necessarily involves teaching others about God’s plan for their lives.

UCSS has structured its tuition schedule with the purpose of eliminating the financial barrier that so often keeps students from achieving their educational goals. The courses are of the highest quality and we are sure that they will help you become more competent in your work for Christ.

M. Hildon Guy, Ph.D., Ed.D., Co.D., Ph.D.
President Dr. Guy
Dr. Guy has worked for over 30 radio station news departments the past 25 years. He has worked as an in the field reporter for ABC radio, the Associated Press Broadcast Service, the Mutual Broadcasting Network and USA Radio. Dr. Guy has been the News Director for radio stations in Texas and Alaska. He also served as Program Director for Christian Radio stations KATB and KAFC in Anchorage, Alaska. Currently, Dr. Guy produces radio programs and is the voice for several advertising accounts in Alaska.

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