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Utilizing the proven Accelerated Christian Education Program

Character based education designed for personal achievement and family budgets.

World Harvest Christian School (K-12, on campus)

Home Harvest Christian School (K-12, extended campus)

Important Dates & Notices

***If you need a calendar or handbook, let us know.***

***Stay in contact with the school; read your emails, read the school newsletter "Connections"; check your calendars

January 18th (Thursday) - End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester, No School, Open House 7pm

February 6th (Tuesday) - President Ronald Reagan's Birthday (No School)

February 14th (Wednesday) - Valentine's Day

February 19th (Monday) - President's Day (No School)

March 11th (Sunday) - Daylight Saving Time Begins (turns clocks ahead 1 hour)

March 12th - 16th (Monday through Friday) - Spring Break (No School)

March 29th (Thursday) - End of 3rd Quarter. (No School), Open House 7pm

March 30th (Friday) - Good Friday, (No School)

April 1st (Sunday) - Resurrection Day

May 13th (Sunday) - Mother's Day

May 28th (Monday) - Memorial Day (No School)

May 31st (Thursday) - Closing Ceremonies/Graduation, (No School), Open House 7pm

Calendars for the 2017 - 2018 school year are now available.

The WHCS staff is one of the most qualified group of educators that you will be able to find. There are Doctorates of Education, Counseling, Apologetics and Biblical Studies on staff, as well as a Masters and Bachelors degree in Education. Other staff members have Associate Degrees in Biblical Studies and Education. All staff members have been trained in the proper administration of the ACE curriculum package. All are certified teachers with the Better Education Membership of America.

You can tell quite a bit about a school by the organizations with which they are members. WHCS maintains only the highest standards in this regard, as evidenced by the following list:

Accelerated Christian Education (Tennessee)

Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries (Missouri)

Better Education Membership of America (Alaska)

Full Gospel Evangelistic Association (Oklahoma)

University of Christian Studies & Seminary (Alaska, Washington, Missouri, Spain & Zambia)

WHCS notifies the school district that your child is attending school with us, and complies with immunization guidelines required by the state. WHCS meets or exceeds the number of credits required for high school graduation. WHCS is registered with the State Department of Education.

WHCS graduates have been given full scholarships to the University of Alaska Anchorage for many years. WHCS/HHCS award two full scholarships to the University of Alaska each year. This can be attributed to the fact that when students graduate with WHCS they have done so with only the highest grades. Their transcripts indicate high performance and determination.

With the home and WHCS working on behalf of your child, we will see success. WHCS wants to be supportive of what you are trying to accomplish for your child. It is important to us that you see a return on your tuition investment and we will do all that we can to bring that about. Parents are welcome in the classroom at any time. Your active involvement isn’t just desired, it is needed.

Your child is unique. For this reason, WHCS will evaluate each new student in five different subject areas. Such diagnostic testing will place your child at academic levels that will challenge him or her, without causing frustration. Advancement will be at your child’s own pace, while being taught to set and meet personal goals.

The ACE program is utilized by more than seven thousand schools around the world. It emphasizes mastery of a subject, rather than just a passing knowledge of the information. Year after year, WHCS has placed in the top twenty-five percent of schools in the nation according to standardized testing. Your child will learn at WHCS. Providing a Biblically based, academically proven education for your child is a worthy investment, but is still a considerable challenge to the family budget. At WHCS you’ll get the best program available for your child; at a cost of just $200.00 a month per child. WHCS is right up front with the investment needed to obtain the best education possible for your child:

Registration Fee: $100.00 (one time; non refundable)

Monthly Tuition: $200.00 (per child)
Kindergarten: $150.00 (half day per child)

Note: If your child rides the UCSS van to and or from Anchorage, a $30 charge will be added to your monthly invoice to help with fuel costs.

WHCS is able to keep its tuition low because of the sacrificial attitude of our staff. However, the academic quality of your child’s education is never sacrificed to save money. With WHCS, you’ll get a quality education for your child that compliments the family budget.

Home Harvest Christian School (K-12, extended campus)

If you have ever considered home school to be beyond consideration, HHCS has a program designed to give your child maximum educational advantage without a pile of administrative paperwork to go along with it. Home Harvest utilizes the proven ACE curriculum. With the HHCS extended campus program, the school keeps all records, issues all report cards and compiles all the transcript information. Like the on-campus program, HHCS fully complies with district and state guidelines in order to insure that your child’s work will be recognized.

Since the same staff that maintains the on-campus program manages the extended campus program, you’ll get the same level of professionalism and care to benefit your child.

Registration: $100.00 (one time; non-refundable)

Monthly Tuition: $50.00 (Must pay first three months at registration)

HHCS students are eligible to participate in all on-campus activities such as sports (volleyball and bowling), spelling bees, science fairs and chess tournaments. HHCS students may also participate in field trips taken by on-campus students. A variety of elective courses are offered including choir, music and crafts.

For more information on either WHCS (on campus) or HHCS (extended campus), write to:

World Harvest Christian School, P.O. Box 770454, Eagle River, Alaska 99577
You may also contact either school by e-mail at:
Main Number: 907-696-6062 Fax: 907-696-6082


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