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Better Education Membership of America (BEMA) - Get Accredited Now

Your Bible college, Seminary or K-12 school can get accredited today with a provisional candidate status. Just download or print out the BEMA application on the home page and fax it (907-696-6082). Your provisional accreditation will be good for 30 days. Once your send in the application fee your institution will enter into candidate status. BEMA accreditation is non-profit accreditation, intended primarily for quality Christian education institutions. Accreditation with BEMA is inexpensive and non-intrusive. You will be amazed at how affordable it is to gain fully non-profit accreditation. To honor separation of church and state, meant to protect religious organizations, BEMA is not registered with the federal government.

Institutional Membership

Educational institutions that would like to be members or accredited with BEMA must make application.

As part of the application process, the Director of BEMA will make an onsite visit to the applying institution. This visit should not be considered an iinspection, but is primarily an information gathering process. BEMA officials may request to review school records or interview school staff members. This procedure is intended to offer assistance while fully respecting the prerogatives unique to the applying institution.

Individual Certification

Teachers and staff members of private Christian schools and post secondary institutions that seek certification from BEMA must make application.

A $50.00 assessment must accompany each application for certification. Each application must be filled out as completely as possible.

An administrative and/or pastoral recommendation must be noted in the appropriate section on the application. Such an endorsement will confirm that the applicant is an active staff member at a K-12 private Christian school, an extended campus K-12 school or post secondary institution.

Renewal certification will take place on September 1st of each year. At the time of renewal, the applicant must show that they have successfully engaged in a valid process of continue education at either the under graduate or graduate level from an approved institution in the past year.

Once approved, the certified educator will be given a BEMA membership card and certificate for public display.

The annual certification assessment will not be prorated for any reason.

Membership Or Certification Authorization

The Director of BEMA will appoint a Board of Review for each applicant, whether at the membership or certification level.

The Director and Board of Review will examine each application and may request additional information before approval or disapproval is granted. Membership or certification may be refused for any reason.


Applications for BEMA institutional membership or individual certification may be obtained by contacting the University of Christian Studies and Seminary at:

P.O. Box 770454
Eagle River, Alaska 99577

Contact may also be made through the UCSS/BEMA e-mail address:

BEMA Applications may also be obtained by calling:
Main: 907-696-6062
Fax: 907-696-6082

“The most lasting pleasures of this life are in these things:
1. Health
2. Reputation
3. Knowledge
4. Doing good
5. The expectation of eternal and incomprehensible happiness in another world.
If then I will faithfully pursue that happiness…I must carefully look that it cross not any of those five great and constant pleasures.”
(Dr. John Locke, English physician, theologian and philosopher)


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